• No Nonsense Sessions

    In each module, I'll deliver the no fluff training to enable you to get the information you need to tailor what you learn to your own online business for success.

  • Mindset

    Whether you're just thinking of starting an online business or a few years in, those niggles about confidence, failing to grow and how you can possibly raise your prices and still sell will be there. We'll work through various mindset modules and how you can take action to turn those thoughts around.

  • Knowledge

    I’ve worked hard to learn what works and what doesn’t when taking your online business to the next level and I understand the tech you’ll need too. I’ll share what others have done and how it has worked for their online businesses. 

  • Workbooks

    For every module, you'll have a printable workbook in your members area to get you implementing what I've taught. This course has proven results, but these will only come for you by putting in the work to make it happen.

Over eight modules, you will learn...

  •  How to set goals effectively  
  • How to find your ideal client and claim your niche  
  • How to work out your message  
  • Branding and your website  
  • The importance of SEO  
  • How to launch your business  
  • How to get the best from blogging  
  • Using automation to streamline your business
  • How to use Social Media to your advantage 
  • How to target your ideal client with facebook ads
  • How to set up a basic sales funnel
  • How to set up your email list & why you need one  
  • How to make opt-ins work for you  
  • How to change your money mindset  
  • How to price correctly  
  • How to use your time effectively   
  • The right way to have a sales conversation
  • How to deal with tricky clients  
  • Ways to gain confidence  
  • How to work out your passive income idea
  • Why industry influencers are important
  • Marketing Mastery